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Film Series and Colloquium Talks (Spring 2016)

A film series now in its third semester and a brand-new program of colloquium speakers highlight this semester’s cultural and research activities for the HDFS department and the larger community.

The Sexism in Cinema series, which “considers how sexism is embedded, endorsed, and/or challenged in the cinema,” features a monthly film screening followed by discussion. Admission is only $3 for each film. The series is sponsored by several TTU programs and among the co-organizers are HDFS faculty members Dr. Elizabeth Sharp and Dr. Dana Weiser. Click here for the Spring 2016 schedule and further details.

The colloquium marks the first time in recent decades (if not, ever) that HDFS has put together a slate of speakers entirely from outside our department. Speakers, with the titles and dates of their talks, are listed in the flyer below. The talks will be held in Human Sciences Room 102 from 3:30-5:00 on the listed dates.

colloq flyer

The colloquium series was organized by a committee consisting of Dr. Sharp, Dr. Jacki Fitzpatrick, and graduate student Miriam Lieway.

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HDFS Faculty’s Recent Grant Receipt

Several Texas Tech HDFS faculty members (shown in bold below) have recently been awarded research grants to conduct their studies. These awards are from both internal (Texas Tech) and external (federal-government and private-foundation) sources.

  • Michael Escamilla (Principal Investigator), Michael O’Boyle (co-PI) & Hugo Sandoval. “Assessment of biomarkers for youth at risk for Bipolar Disorder (Type 1) using functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging (fMRI),” funded by the TTU Presidential Collaborative Research Grants Program.
  • Sylvia Niehuis (PI) & Ireland, M. (Co-PI). “A language-style-matching X person model of engagement/disengagement in spouses’ courtship interviews,” funded by the TTU Scholarship Catalyst Program.
  • Alan Reifman (PI) & Sylvia Niehuis (co-PI). “Analyzing fMRI data from studies of romantic relationships,” funded by the TTU Scholarship Catalyst Program.
  • Yoojin Chae (PI). “The roles of authenticity and attachment in children’s attention and memory,” funded by the Amini Foundation for the Study of Affects.
  • Elizabeth Trejos (PI), Ann Mastergeorge (co-PI) & Andrea Jackowski. “Incidence and effects of toxic stress on neurodevelopmental, cognitive and socioemotional outcomes in children and adolescents: A cross-national comparative collaboration,” funded by the Sao Paulo Researchers in International Collaboration (SPRINT, Brasil).
  • Melissa Barnett (PI), Ann Mastergeorge (co-PI) & Christine Cutshaw. “Child care factors that influence parental engagement: Understanding longitudinal pathways to children’s school readiness,” funded by the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services, Administration for Children and Families.
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