First Graduate of Online Youth Development Master’s Program

Our department has long participated in the Great Plains Interactive Distance Education Alliance (GP-IDEA), a consortium of 13 universities (on the Human Sciences side). Students select a home university among the available schools, but can take online courses at any university in the group. Different GP-IDEA programs offer Bachelor’s degrees, Master’s degrees, and graduate certificates (see list of programs).

Dr. Jean Scott, who has spearheaded our department’s involvement with the Alliance, reports that, “Brittany Selph will be an August 2015 graduate — our first GP-IDEA master’s with concentration in Youth Development.” The following photo shows, from left to right, Dr. Scott, Brittany, and Dr. Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo, Texas Tech’s faculty representative in the Youth Development program.

GP IDEA Youth Devt

Dr. Scott’s area is the Gerontology program.

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