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Chilly in Philly for SRCD

Several Texas Tech HDFS faculty members and graduate students participated in the biennial Society for Research in Child Development (SRCD) conference, held March 19-21. The host city should “ring a bell.”






Though some parts of the country were starting to warm up in late March, Philadelphia still had some snow. There was also better weather during the weekend, however.


Dr. Malinda Colwell (left) and Ph.D. student Holly Wright presented a poster on their research into nutrition and child development in Malawi, Africa. Background information on this unique project is available in one of our earlier postings.



Meanwhile, Ph.D. student Jennifer Harris presented a poster (co-authored with her advisor, Dr. Sybil Hart) on their study of older siblings’ “expectant” status awaiting the arrival of a new brother or sister.



Anuradha Sastry, another doctoral student who works with Dr. Hart (and with Dr. Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo), presented on an intervention with infants in India, based on Dr. Hart’s book Lullaby Massage.

anuradha srcd


Finally, another of our faculty members, Dr. Yoojin Chae, ventured south of Center City to the famous intersection that hosts two of Philly’s leading cheese-steak restaurants.


Thanks to the pictured individuals for allowing use of their conference photos!

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HDFS Faculty and Students Recognized on Multiple Fronts

HDFS faculty and students have been earning recognition on the Texas Tech campus in many areas:

  • Ph.D. student Paulina Velez-Gomez was featured in Texas Tech Today‘s “Student Spotlight” on March 5 (article link). The article discusses Paulina’s plan to return to her home country of Colombia after finishing her degree and use the knowledge gained here at Texas Tech to help communities back home.
  • Another of our Ph.D. students has earned a dissertation fellowship from the TTU Graduate School. Once the Grad School publicly reports the winners (which we expect to happen soon), we will disclose the HDFS student’s name.
  • HDFS undergraduate Gilde Flores was also featured in Texas Tech Today (February 26). While the main article focuses on his musical career outside of school, there is a sidebar column to the right of the article in which he discusses his time in the HDFS program. Flores lists the following people as his favorite instructors: Mitzi Ziegner, Yvonne Caldera, Shera Jackson, Jeffrey Wherry, Ronda Eade, and Alan Korinek.
  • Judy Fischer, whose retirement was covered here, has officially been granted Emeritus Professor status by the TTU Board of Regents.
  • Also as part of the Regents’ agenda, they granted Dr. Michael O’Boyle a Faculty Development Leave for the Fall 2015 semester. During this time, he will “visit the University of New Mexico Health Sciences Center (UNMHSC) for one semester, during which time we will analyze a myriad of behavioral and neuroimaging data on the neuroscience of creativity… Also, he will develop future collaborative studies between UNMHSC/MIND Research Network and the Texas Tech Neuroimaging Institute (TTNI).”
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