HDFS Student and Faculty Awards in Fall 2014

Several people from our department have won university awards during the current Fall semester:

  • Lauren Thompson won the “Best of Conference” award at the annual Graduate School Arts and Humanities Research Conference, for her paper entitled “The Consequences of Child Sexual Abuse and Child Physical Abuse: An Examination of Internalizing and Externalizing Behaviors.”
  • Faculty members Jacki Fitzpatrick, Sybil Hart (with co-Principal Investigator Dr. Shera Jackson), Sylvia Niehuis, Alan Reifman (with Dr. Niehuis as co-PI), and Elizabeth Sharp each received small grants ($3,000-5,000) in the university’s Scholarship Catalyst Program. These grants are designed, in part, to help recipients conduct early-stage “pilot” studies, the results of which can support larger, external grant applications. Details on these faculty members’ projects are available here.
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