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Brief Items as We Begin Spring 2013 Semester

Welcome back to all HDFS faculty, instructors, students, and staff. Here are some brief items that you may find of interest:

  • Our longtime colleague and current instructor Lane Powell was featured in the Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, in conjunction with her textbook being translated into Japanese.
  • Two of our Ph.D. recipients from recent years published articles from their graduate work. Brittney Schrick, now a faculty member at Southern Arkansas University, had her work appear in Sex Roles. Kim Corson, now a faculty member at Louisiana Tech, had a paper accepted in Early Child Development and Care, which has been published online first (her topic is a “secret”).
  • Faculty member Elizabeth Sharp, who is on leave in England but still teaching teleconference-based courses here at Texas Tech, e-mailed to say that, “I have given two talks here and I have an honorary Fellowship at Durham University.”
  • Faculty member Alan Reifman and graduate student Tim Oblad just had an article come out on “helicopter parenting,” in the AHEPPP Journal (from the Association of Higher Education Parent/Family Program Professionals). Access via the AHEPPP website is limited to members, so please contact Dr. Reifman for a reprint, if interested.

If you have any news, please e-mail Dr. Reifman, the Associate Chair of the department, so he can include it in future postings on this blog.

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