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May 2012 Graduate School Commencement

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Four HDFS graduate students received the Ph.D. degree and two received the Master’s at the May 2012 Graduate School Commencement at Texas Tech. The above slideshow depicts the degree recipients and, for the Ph.D. students, their faculty advisors who “hooded” them. Photos were not available at present for one Master’s recipient, Gwen Gerber. Captions for the rotating photos, in order following the two general arena shots, are listed below:

Kristina Keyton, with her dissertation chair Alan Reifman, sits in the preliminary staging area before entering the arena floor. Later, as shown on the scoreboard, Kristina is hooded by Professor Reifman.

Professor Nancy Bell (center) sits with two of her Ph.D. students, Danielle SoRelle (left) and Karen Aranha (right). Danielle’s hooding is also shown.

Tina Brooks (right) sits with her dissertation chair, Dr. Malinda Colwell.

Xiaohui Tang (left), who received her Master’s, poses after the ceremony with Kristina and Dr. Reifman.

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HDFS Students at TTU Undergraduate Research Conference

Back in April, three HDFS students participated in Texas Tech’s annual Undergraduate Research Conference, presenting studies they had conducted. Here are brief summaries of the papers, quoting from the abstracts (*faculty mentor, ^graduate-student collaborator).

Links Between Parent-Child Relationship and Teachers’ Perception of Child Behavior

La’ Toya Broughton, Francisco Debaran^, & Sybil Hart*

This research examined the “link between parents-child relationship and teachers’ perception of child behavior to language ability … among children of low socioeconomic status.”

Developing Effective Community Partnerships

Matthew Carroll & Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo*

This project involves a “research approach to examine community needs and youth adjustment behaviors among several counties in West Texas … to assist a community-based program better serve their population.”

Sexual Abuse Characteristics and Their Relationship to Age and Closeness to the Perpetrator

Jeffrey Wherry* & Kristin Tovar

This project “sought to understand the severity and total sexual abuse experience in relationship to the closeness of the relationship with the perpetrator and with the age of the child.”

Current and prospective HDFS undergraduates interested in possibly conducting research are invited to view this information from TTU’s Center for Undergraduate Research.

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HDFS Faculty and Staff at College of Human Sciences Awards Dinner

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Ph.D. Alum Jackie Wiersma Making News as Arkansas Faculty Member

Jackie Wiersma, who received her Ph.D. with us in 2008 and then completed a post-doctoral fellowship at Penn State before joining the faculty of the University of Arkansas in 2010, is making news in her (relatively) new job. She was just featured in the school’s Research Frontiers, as shown in the screen capture above. As discussed in the article, which can be accessed here, Jackie studies the role of alcohol use/misuse in mate selection and relationship functioning. Interpersonal violence is also a related research interest of hers. Further information on Jackie’s research can be gleaned from her ResearchGate page (this posting was updated on July 7, 2016).

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