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Texas Tech HDFS at the 2012 SRA Conference (Slideshow with captions below)

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Descriptions of photos (taken by Dr. Reifman):

1. Snow-capped mountains in the background, Vancouver, Canada hosted this year’s biennial conference of the Society for Research on Adolescence.

2. Representing our department were (from left to right) graduate student Paulina Velez-Gomez, and faculty members Elizabeth Trejos-Castillo and Alan Reifman.

3. Dr. Trejos and Paulina, with collaborating Colombian scholar Diego Restrepo, standing by their poster, “Examining Depression and Neighborhood Violence Using a Mixed Method Approach: Children and Early Adolescents in Medellin-Colombia.”

4. Dr. Reifman stands by poster for research he did with grad student Tim Oblad (not in attendance), titled “Support or Developmental Hindrance? College Students’ and Parents’ Views of Parental Involvement in School-Related Matters. ”

5. No photo essay on Vancouver would be complete without a shot of the Canucks’ hockey arena.

The next SRA conference, in 2014, will be held relatively close to Texas Tech, in Austin, Texas.

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