Sharp & Engler to Present at TTU Advancing Teaching and Learning Conference

Faculty member Elizabeth Sharp and doctoral student Rachel Engler of the HDFS department will be presenting at the 8th Annual Advancing Teaching and Learning Conference, sponsored by Texas Tech’s Teaching, Learning, and Professional Development Center (TLPDC). Here is the official listing from the conference website:

Balancing and Integrating Teaching and Research Responsibilities: Motivating Graduate Students to Apply Productive Strategies

Monday, February 27, 2012
3:00-4:00 PM
Student Union Building

Dr. Elizabeth Sharp and Ms. Rachel R. Engler, Texas Tech University

Perceived conflicting demands can create divided identities, exacerbating the misconception that teaching and research are mutually exclusive. The scholarship of teaching helps remind professionals that a coherent teaching-scholar identity is possible and mentors can have a lasting impact in terms of motivating graduate students to work towards such integration. Drawing on the larger literature informing best practices for new faculty, this workshop will address issues specific to graduate student instructors, offering perspectives from both a faculty mentor as well as graduate student instructors. Empirical, evidence-based solutions will be discussed and modified in ways that specifically address unique challenges faced by graduate students, and practical tips for striking a productive balance will be shared. Interactive elements of the workshop will include the creation of “Time Logs” and “Goal Charts,” emphasizing the importance of developing a solid and specific plan-of-action.

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